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MineSw. HallOfFame
Alamak Hangman
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Alamak Games
A game of combat and creativity. You can engage in interplayer combat, slay monsters, create new tunnels, describe rooms, cast magic spells, use magical items, collect gold coins, buy and sell items, and lots more!!!


 Mine Sweeper
Think you are the fastest mine sweeper in the land? Pit your skills against other Alamakians in this game of quick thinking and high speed clicking.

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A fun little game to play while chatting.Hangman lets you test your vocabulary and powers of deduction. You can also compete with other Alamakians in the Hangman rankings.

Hangman has been upgrade to include a new words database. It's even more challenging than the original version!

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Triva is played within the chat. Just join the Trivia Room and be the fastest one to answer the question. Formats include word descramble, geography, anacronym soup, and trivia questions to name just a few.

Trivia Bots Info
  1. Server 1 - port 6667
  2. Server 2 - port 6668
  3. Server 3 - port 6669
  4. Server MY - port 6670
  5. Server TR - port 6671
  6. Server SG - port 6672

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[Trivia] 145. Question: TV/ Movies: Category: World Of Disney: In "Pinocchio", what is the name of Geppetto's pet cat?
[Cooper] cleo
[dULcE] thailand
[LagKing] useless
[Cooper] no, that was teh fish
[Trivia] Here's your 1st hint: -ig---
[LagKing] htings
[LeatherNUN] luxemborge
[Lyn] figaro
[Trivia] Lieutenant Commander Lyn got the answer ==> figaro <== in 21.37 seconds. Score: 520 WPM: 3 Current Rank: 3rd
[Cooper] figaro
[Trivia] Current Supreme Ruler: DoItRight. buffettnut has the best score of 1550; dULcE - 1540; Lyn - 520; TaterTot8 - 200; eowyn - 140; DoItRight - 110; Cooper - 60; DooDooButter - 60; LagKing - 30; Ceylene - 20;
[buffettnut] figaro
[Lyn] yipeee
[LeatherNUN] figero
[Trivia] 148. Question: What is the fear of stuttering known as?